WHERE DO YOU GO WHEN YOU LEAVE is a poetic response to the underlying sub-realities of our present day society. This exhibition visualizes a conversation along the river between mutating spaces and vulnerable existence of its people using a language of dialogues. The river works here both as a geographical guideline and a metaphor for an uncertain reality that lies in the unseen future. The exhibition guides the viewer through the artists’ lens to question and re-examine the region’s changing cultural and political façade.

Devadeep’s MAN ON BOAT greets the audience of the exhibition, and through its bold visual, urges the viewer to come closer, to ponder, to view upon the ensemble of relations, all leading to a juxtaposition of an imaginary and the true reality.

Anjan’s THE BEGINNING OF THE END narrates the tale of a melancholic conflict, animating an age-old utopia as it is challenged by the river’s changing behavior, while being completely dependent on the river itself.

Hrishikesh’s untitled ongoing body of work brings the viewers a fresh breeze of hope and explores the softer details about love and mutual respect in the fabric of relationships between two species existing by the river.

Prakash’s SWANSONG expresses the connection between love, loneliness and silence in an accumulation of time, time in its most flowing, transitory and contemplative state.

Curated by Northeast Lightbox