February, 2019

NELB Residency Program and Workshop 

The first residency and workshop from NELB was an attempt at establishing a conversation between artists coming from within the region as well as from rest of the world in Majuli, Assam.

Majuli being one of the most famous and significant places in Assam, naturally has associated stigmas when it comes to representation of the island.

Mentored by Prakash Bhuyan, the participants explored the finer nuances lying between the bold stereotyped narratives of soil erosion and culture.

The individuals interpreted their version of the reality in the island and presented their visions and understandings of the island in a dialogic manner through poetry, photographs, video and installations.

Anali Baruah

This project is a product of dialogue between me and school girls at a government school in Majuli. As a teacher, I have always enjoyed spending time with young children. Asking myself "why?", this project is also a personal exploration through our conversations.

Devraj Chaliha

'Void' is about a recurring dream, which takes me on a nauseating journey through confrontations with apparitions in my sub concious where the thin line between the two worlds seem to merge. And I realise this dream is my reality.

Dine-In Majuli

Majuli is the largest inhabited Island in the middle of river Brahmaputra. Despite of rapid erosion, the number of tourists visiting is rising year by year. Dine-In Majuli is about the everyday life of restaurateurs and their kitchens. From the fresh paint of the walls to the colorful plates they dress with refreshing food. Running one of these is a job full of creativity. This journey was full of new flavors and good wine as I walked around these restaurants in Majuli. As if my dream to be a restaurateur was somewhat becoming a reality. Spending time at these diners got me involved in daily tasks of deciding menus, dressing up the tables, making sure the ambience smells fresh. In no time, backpackers will flood this Island which stands on the verge of washing away and will no longer hold its authenticity of food.

Kunga Tashi
Home by the River

The uncertainty of belonging in a place where home becomes the river every year during monsoon, and gradually, home is becoming the river.

Home by the River is an attempt to understand the landscape and everyday lives of people living in Majuli, a river island, surrounded by the mighty Brahmaputra. It is about the empathy for a home; which for them is synonymously the island, and the river.

Martina Z.

Hrishikesh Chowdhury
Just Sing A Song And Get The Sunny Weather

My acquaintance with Majuli has been completely paradoxical.

Majuli is shrinking with every passing monsoon. However with each passing year, more and more roads are getting built, population is increasing and with the influx of tourists rising each season, newer livelihoods are being created. The island is in a constant state of flux and its people caught in the transition.
Life on the island can take on an uncanny reality but it follows the same strong hearted rhythm.