Man on Boat | Installation | Performance

Sculpture / Performace

Size: Variable

Uzanbazar Ghat, Guwahati, Assam

January, 2017

Performance as a tool for opinionating through public action and participation.

Performed by Mr. Ramu Chowdhury

Body of work by Devadeep Gupta

The urban riverbanks of Guwahati are overflowing with temporary communities of non-native settlers, who come to the regional capital in search of a better life.

Living in tattered houses made of plastic sheets; these communities face the brunt of the river's brute force during annual floods and the ensuing catastrophe.

The Government remains evasive towards their existence, negating their visibility with beautification drives and infrastructure development along the riverbanks within the city.

A blue man on a blue boat stands in front of the people of the ever-flooding city, challenging his invisibility in a silent protest.