Analogue Workshop

with Srinivas Kuruganti

NELB organised its first film processing workshop from 23rd-29th January in Guwahati.The week long workshop led by @srinivaskuruganti delved into the processes and intricacies of traditional bnw analogue processing. The workshop brought together practitioners from across the country sharing their observations around image making, experimentation and the different ways in which they can approach the medium.

Srinivas Kuruganti is a photographer currently based in Delhi. His work tackles environmental and health issues, as well as personal essays.

Between 2013 and 2017, he was the photo editor at The Caravan magazine, India's foremost magazine for long-form journalism on politics and culture.Since then, he has worked on archiving his photographs three decades, which document his life and travels in India, America and Europe. He plans to develop photo books rooted in his archives.